Yaro is a community

We’re a bit like a community garden: plant your own plot, and be part of something bigger. Yaro is a place to grow your skills and build great things together.


There are plenty of reasons why you want to work here.


Health, disability and life insurance, 401(k), commuter benefits, and more.


The chance to help build a platform and a company. You will make an impact here!


We’re in downtown Chicago on Michigan Ave., easy to get to on the CTA. (And the view isn’t too shabby!)

Open PTO and flexible hours

Work hard, and take time for yourself. We’re flexible when you need a day off or want to work from home.

Yarrow (achillea millefolium) is a member of the sunflower and daisy family. It is versatile, resilient, and acts as a fertilizer when planted, protecting and nurturing nearby plants. Used medicinally, yarrow is used to treat a variety of ailments, including wound healing and cold symptoms. A yarrow plant is protective, hearty, and resilient. It is often called “the companion plant.”

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Build with us

If you’re someone who wants to make a real difference in how people interact with health and finance, Yaro is the place for you.