Update on June 1, 2019: HSA Health Insurance is now MotivHealth

Yaro is starting the new year right by announcing the launch of a mobile app for members of HSA Health Insurance, a Utah-based health insurance company specializing in the value of HSA-based health plans. The app was developed by Yaro in collaboration with HSA Health Insurance to further enhance their best-in-class member experience already established. The mobile app is available to all HSA Health Insurance members via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Members now have access to their health benefits and information on-the-go. Within the app, members can view real-time HSA balance and accumulator status, search for care with full pricing transparency upfront, participate in a steps incentive program, view their policy and coverage details, review claims/EOBs, and more. The app also simplifies healthcare jargon and provides educational tips to empower members to make informed decisions on their terms.

Member experience remained the focal point throughout the app’s design and build phases by continuously collaborating with HSA Health Insurance stakeholders, employees, and members. The process involved multiple iterations of in-context user testing by HSA Health Insurance members to improve the app’s design and prioritize features to drive member engagement. HSA Health Insurance can now continue to enhance member experience by reaching members on the channel they use most.

“I wanted to thank the entire Yaro team,” said Cole Hansen, Director of Member Experience at HSA Health Insurance during the design phase of the project. “I’ve been reviewing the prototype with some colleagues and we are BLOWN AWAY with the look, feel and overall design! We have no doubt our existing and future membership will be greatly assisted as a result of your efforts. Just so you know, this entire process has been wonderful and the entire Yaro team deserves a ton of credit, not to mention our sincere gratitude. I thank you and we thank you for all your hard work and effort on HSA Health Plan’s behalf.”

About HSA Health Insurance

HSA Health Insurance is a Utah-based health insurance company specializing in the value of HSA-based health plans. Their strategy to transform patients into empowered healthcare consumers has proven successful in lowering healthcare costs for both employers and employees. Members are incentivized and rewarded for engagement through initiatives such as prescription assistance to find lower-cost prescription options, pricing transparency when searching for care, prompt pay discounts for paying for medical services upfront, and a steps incentive program that pays members for hitting daily steps goals.

About Yaro

Yaro is a consumer-centered healthcare technology company based in Chicago. Yaro partners with health insurers to drive engagement through mobile and web and help members better utilize their plan benefits. The Yaro platform combines consumer digital design with a flexible tech stack to make it faster and easier for consumers to understand their health benefits and shop and pay for their care. By providing real-time insights at every touchpoint, Yaro delivers personalized, relevant options and simplifies the healthcare process to deliver a breakthrough consumer experience.

For more information on Yaro, visit goyaro.com