Yaro’s technology and analytics platform meets members where they are. Use your own words… we do the translating

Empowering members as consumers of healthcare is more critical than ever before. On average, healthcare consumers are now responsible for 30% to 35% of their healthcare bill. However, today’s healthcare consumers are overwhelmed, and their fragmented experience doesn’t empower or support making informed decisions.

Consumers are confused about their health benefits and what their options are for choosing high-quality, better-priced providers. Other solutions in the market boast their ability to “educate consumers,” “activate consumers,” and “improve health literacy.”

The Yaro platform is different.

We meet consumers where they are. No need to invest in improving health literacy and hoping to realize a return many years from now (although we do educate consumers along the way). We drive immediate behavior change by presenting consumers with the best choice for them so that making a better decision requires no extra effort.


How Yaro empowers members with guided healthcare journeys

Meet Yaro’s natural language search and analytics platform. Your members can enter what they need help with—using their own words—and we do the translating for them. No healthcare jargon required.

We steer your members toward the appropriate level of care for their unique situation. The severity of their symptoms, plan design, provider network, and access to programs like telemedicine, wellness, and disease management, allow us to provide a guided healthcare journey personalized for n=1.

Member engagement rises naturally with frictionless access to real-time, personalized information on the Yaro platform. Couple that with the ability to steer members toward appropriate levels of care and recommend behavior that reduces costs for both the TPA and member. Now we are talking about actually moving the needle.


TPAs recognize the following benefits from the Yaro platform

Reduce costs

The Yaro platform is designed to:

  • Reduce call center volumes by enabling consumer self-service.
  • Drive uptake of key programs, such as disease management, wellness, telemedicine, and more.
  • Guide users to high value, lower cost care.
  • Support users in navigating CDHP and complex benefit designs.

Built for Health Insurers, priced for TPAs

The Yaro platform is live with multiple health plans, including a Blue, but is priced to meet TPA’s budget constraints. Our fees are tied to KPIs to drive a return on investment.

Streamlined implementation and support

For one client, Yaro loaded 77 benefit designs in a single implementation. Another client achieved a 44% app download marketing conversion. We’ve proven time and again that we bring superior customer service to our clients and end-users.

One platform for your full book

Yaro is a cost-effective core offering to meet RFP requirements. TPAs can turn on buy-up capabilities account-by-account.

10X Search and Guided Journeys

We offer natural language, type-ahead search that continuously gets smarter. Pair that with guided journeys and “Moment of Truth” messaging driven by behavioral, claims and benefits data. The result is the ability to navigate complicated benefits and find the best available providers in complex network designs.

White label, plug-and-play platform

Integrate your—or your clients’—spending account, telemedicine, wellness, CM/DM programs and more into a single experience for your members.


Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients are saying

“I wanted to thank you and the entire Yaro team! We are BLOWN AWAY with the look, feel and overall design! We have no doubt our members will be greatly assisted as a result of your efforts.”
– Health Plan Client

“Really appreciate your team’s partnership, capabilities, and responsiveness. Your team is very focused on delivery.”
– Health Plan Client


Are you ready to bring a 10X better digital experience to your clients and their members—while lowering costs?

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About Yaro

Yaro is a consumer-centered healthcare technology company. Health insurers, health systems, and TPAs implement Yaro’s white-label platform to provide their members and patients with simpler, more convenient healthcare navigation and guided user journeys. Yaro’s aim is to empower consumers to make a different — and better — choice because they used Yaro’s platform. Yaro makes it faster and easier for consumers to understand their health benefits and shop and pay for their care. By providing real-time insights at every touchpoint, Yaro delivers personalized, relevant options and simplifies the healthcare process to deliver a breakthrough consumer experience.

For more information on Yaro, visit goyaro.com